Message from the CEO

The new CEO, Peter Klimt, sends his first message to the shareholders.

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External Research

Read the External Research performed on Interfox Resources.

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Confirmed hydrocarbons

An independent analysis confirm the previous conclusions of large reserves of oil and gas on the license block from independent competent person’s reports and the historical data from the original works during soviet times. Moreover, the analysis indicates the existence of an additional interval in the Cretaceous layers. This interval was not included in the original assessments of potential resources.

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Interfox Resources AB has acquired one license; 71-1 ”Elley-Igajskoye” in the Tomsk Oblast, Russia. The license block is 34 km2 in size and is a combined exploration and production license, TOM01559NR, which is valid until September 2035.

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In the Soviet period (1977 and 1991), two exploration wells were drilled at licence block 71-1 down to more than 4,000 m deep. Both of the wells had uncontrolled discharges of hydrocarbons. Reinterpretation of historical data and new seismic analysis indicates considerable reserves of both oil and gas.

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In April 2014 the re-entry in one of the old wells was started. An analysis by independent experts indicates more potentially productive intervals than expected. The perforations of the well was initiated during August 2014.

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