IOGT Analysis

Innovative Oil and Gas Technologies, IOGT, is a Russian specialist company that has developed new innovative solutions and technologies for asses oil and gas reseervoirs. IOGT is partially owned by Gazprombank and has a vast experience from well exploration for companies within the Gazprom sphere and other Russian and international exploration companies. The team within IOGT, including 15 doctors of science, has developed a unique approach to determine the fluid content in a well and the oil, gas and water saturation factors.

On July 15, the IOGT team started to gather information from well 4 on 71-1 “Elley-Igayskoye”. IOGT used magnetic impulse device, which can detect defects in the casing, and the team could by doing this evaluate the state of the well casing from wellhead to the bottom. Through a set of spectrometric methods, IOGT evaluated the reservoir’s properties and determined the current oil, water and gas saturation levels. The completed spectrometric analysis confirmed the high efficiency of this method for determining the nature of saturation in a reservoir.

The analysis confirm the previous conclusions of large reserves of oil and gas on the license block from independent competent person’s reports and the historical data from the original works during soviet times. IOGT’s analysis as example also confirms the existence of large quantities of oil and gas at a depth of 3813-3829.7 meters, average saturation level 62%. It was at this depth, 3810 meters, where the Soviets also encountered hydrocarbons in the second well, which resulted in uncontrollable blow outs of hydrocarbons in 1977.

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