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Dear Shareholders,


Some few days ago, I proudly joined Interfox Resources as the new CEO. I am very excited about this task and I believe that 2015 will be a very interesting and challenging year. Surely my past experience of running demanding businesses in various countries and environments as well as my recent years in the oil business will help me in my new role.


The upcoming holidays I will spend at home in Munich, reading all documentation and inhale everything about the company.


My main focus then as CEO will be our project company in Tomsk, Bakcharneftegaz (BNG). I will also join the board of BNG with immediate effect. I will make a lot of effort on optimizing the operation in Tomsk, so that every Swedish krona invested in the project brings maximum results for the company and its shareholders.

In order to align my interest with the interest of the shareholders, I have agreed on a success-driven remuneration scheme. The CEO salary cost for the company is therefore reduced by one third and instead I will have a bonus, which will become due only when the company has sold the asset in Tomsk. To further strengthen this alignment, I bought 26.102 IFOX shares in the market yesterday.


I wish you all happy holidays and especially a very successful 2015.




Peter Klimt


Munich, December 19, 2014

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